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Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Chief complaints: low-back pain, neck pain

I am very satisfied and pleased with the service and care that I have received from Dr. Johnston and his staff. I admit that I was skeptical about chiropractic techniques, but after only two weeks, I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I usually have quite a lot of headaches, but I can only recall having one headache in the past two weeks. And, I hadnít realized how poor the range of motion in my neck had gotten, but now it is much better -- almost completely pain-free. I plan to continue strengthening and maintaining the health of my back through chiropractic care.

Carmen Melton

Chief complaint: burning sensation/pain at base of neck

I first came to Dr. Johnston in 1997 after various medical treatments -- including NSAIDS and physical therapy -- for a burning sensation/pain at the base of my neck. I am almost certain the pain was the result of a series of "accidents" during a five-year period when I was involved in competitive water-skiing. During his initial exam, Dr. Johnston pinpointed where my pain was coming from without my even telling him, and this impressed me. After a winning combination of chiropractic adjustments, and regular massage to break down the scar tissue surrounding an inflamed nerve (Dr. Johnston's diagnosis), I saw tremendous improvement within a short time. For the past few years, I have moved on to a preventive maintenance plan that calls for periodic adjustments, about six per year.

Joan Krause

Chief complaint: low-back pain, neck and shoulder pain

I injured my back playing golf, called Dr. Johnston, came in for a visit, and walked out with no pain and feeling great.

Tommy Dickmeyer

Chief complaints: headaches, low-back pain

Since I have been coming to Dr. Johnston I am very pleased with the progress in the listed areas. I am also highly impressed with the friendly staff. The short wait before seeing the doctor (after arriving) is a welcome change.

Scott Phillips

Chief complaint: neck and back injuries, stiffness

After my car accident on November 4, 2000, I began walking with a limp and I could no longer stand up straight. Also, moving or turning my head was so painful. I just kept it in one position for so long that I could no longer move it. After my first three visits with Dr. Johnston, I could see and feel the difference. Now I can stand up straight and even drive. I really appreciate Dr. Johnston and the staff.

Samantha Jones

Chief complaint: low-back pain
I am in law enforcement and have had a lot of low-back pain due to the weight of my duty belt, not to mention I was in the Army for five years. But after seeing Dr. Johnston, the pain is almost non-existent even after a 12-hour shift. I know that if I stick to the schedule Dr. Johnston keeps me on, I can keep feeling this well.

Chris Green

Chief complaints: migraine headaches, pain along mid-back spine, pain in small of back

Since Dr. Johnston has been treating me, he has been able to pinpoint the exact cause of my headaches. He has an excellent bedside manner. No other Chiropractor has helped me as much as Dr. Johnston.

Kathleen Harbaugh

Chief complaints: headache, stiff neck, limited mobility

Dr. Johnston is a miracle worker! After just four visits, my headaches were gone, I could turn my head and the stiffness in my neck was gone. Dr. Johnston and his staff made me feel very comfortable and they are very kind. Thanks to these people my life feels 110% better!

Kelly Justice

Chief complaints: low-back pain, sciatic pain in left leg, neck pain, headaches

I had sustained an injury at work doing hip damage and herniating a disc. The disc degenerated and had to be removed. At 21, I was told I could never have children or walk without a cane. I had two surgeries. Now, I am working, walking, exercising and loving life. The adjustments keep me moving!

Kerin Pridmore

Chief complaints: neck pain, low-back pain, shooting pain in leg, headache

After seeing Dr. Johnston the first week, my neck pain decreased and the shooting pain in my leg was also gone. My headaches were relieved because of having better movement in my neck. My lower-back movement has gotten easier because of the adjustments. I enjoy the electrotherapy and the relaxed atmosphere.

Heather Trainer

Chief complaint: lower-back pain

I had lower-back pain for a few years and thought I would just have to "live with it." A friend convinced me to see Dr. Johnston. Now I don't live with any pain. He told me exactly what was causing the pain and the process it would take to help me. I would recommend anyone to come to see Dr. Johnston. I even got my mom to come and he helps her too.

Ann Lelivelt

Chief complaints: neck pain, back pain, feet pain, sinus problems

I started to see Dr. Johnston due to the mentioned complaints. At first I was leery, but once Dr. Johnston assured me of his services, I relaxed and let him take control. After a couple of months, I feel like a new man. I have more energy and a lot less muscle/sinus pain.

Nick Thomas

Chief complaint: chronic heartburn

I mentioned to my friend that I was experiencing chronic heartburn. She insisted I see Dr. Johnston. No way was I going to see a Chiropractor! My friend told me she allowed him to help her mother. That got me to his office, but I was still skeptical. My x-ray showed some scoliosis. First adjustment - heartburn completely eliminated! Continued treatments have eliminated the muscle spasms and have greatly increased my mobility. No drugs, no pain! I had felt bad so long I had forgotten what it was like to feel good. Dr. Johnston explained my treatment schedule to me in advance and continuously explained all aspects of my treatments. He is a credit to his profession and I would highly recommend him to anyone, even my mother!

Penny Smith

Chief complaints: low-back pain, mid-back pain, neck and shoulder pain, difficulty walking

Since coming to Dr. Johnston, I have been able to walk longer distances and basically do everyday housework such as sweeping, vacuuming, etc. without as much pain. I can work in my garden for long periods of time, when before I had to stop doing any bending due to the pain! I am walking longer distances now without feeling tired and in pain. I have also had blood pressure problems and since coming for Chiropractic adjustments my blood pressure medicine has been cut in half! I feel so much better thanks to Dr. Johnston!

Barbara Stevenson

Chief complaints: low-back pain, stiffness, poor

Before I came to see Dr. Johnston, I was taking pain medication EVERY DAY for several months just to get some relief. I walked "stooped over." I started treatment with Dr. Johnston and I haven't taken any pain medication since the first day I came in his office. I was amazed! I thought it was wonderful! NO MORE MEDICINE!!! I even walk in the evenings and I never felt like walking before. My posture is so much better now. I highly recommend Dr. Johnston! He is the greatest!

Raymond Brashier

Chief complaints: neck pain, shoulder pain, low-back pain

I admit I knew very little about chiropractic before coming to see Dr. Johnston. I had been to several other doctors and therapists about my problem but drugs and exercises just didn't seem to help. After Dr. Johnston examined me he felt confident about what was causing my pain. I went in for treatment for three weeks and the pain went away. Dr. Johnston even gave me exercises to do at home so the problem wouldn't return. Many thanks to Dr. Johnston for his help and encouragement. I would recommend Dr. Johnston to all my friends and family.

Melisa Valenzuela, Ph.D.

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